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Recent advances in telecommunications have made distance appear irrelevant. The advantages of face to face contact over any technological form of communication is not irrelevant. Facial expression, body language, voice intonation, level of activity, eye contact are but some of the nonverbal forms in which we communicate. Email discussions can easily spin out of control which wastes so much of our efforts. In many of these cases a face to face conversation would have cleared everything up and the overall project would have continued.

Given the importance of this direct face to face contact it is unreasonable to allow a remote national leadership a veto over local decisions and initiatives. When an Electoral District Association comes up with a new initiative, DO IT! We are all adult, we don't need to ask permission anymore, especially with our volunteer effort that we freely choose to provide. 

Official Party Policy should be developed locally as a result of collaboration between Electoral District Associations. Electoral District Associations set policies for them selves. Electoral District Associations can come up with private member bills that their Member of Parliament Candidate is expected to bring into Parliament once elected. Member of Parliament Candidates are expected to interact with the media on locally developed policies and initiatives. When Electoral District Associations collaborate on initiatives we will reenter an age of organically developed party platforms, where the citizens once again have a legitimate voice in their government. 

The problem with our current government and the systems they have developed is that none of us were consulted and our input on how the systems should be refined is completely ignored. The Truth and Freedom Party of Canada is here to change that!