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There has been a controversy brewing in the medical field with regards to vaccines. The mainstream media and most established medical professionals and medical institutions assure us that there is nothing wrong with the vaccines. Unfortunately the increases in autism and other neurological disorders has seen a dramatic increase regardless of these empty promises. Fortunately some doctors do speak out at great risk to themselves and their professional careers. 

Is it the vaccines or is it the additives(1) to the vaccines? Great question that needs to be answered. At this time we have public agencies that appear to be rubber stamps for the multinational pharmaceutical giants which means we can no longer fully trust our government when they publish test results. 

There have been charges that the H1N1 "Flying Pig Flu" (a mixture of human, swine and avian flu virii) is a deliberate creation of entities within the pharmaceutical industry. This would have been done to accomplish two goals, long standing population reduction objectives and profit from the sale of flu vaccines and specialized pharmaceutical drugs. Given the abysmal failure of our public health agencies to contain this flu as soon as it was detected, we have now entered a world wide H1N1 pandemic. People will be subjected to propaganda telling them they must take the new vaccine, even though it has not been tested (2) and may in fact be more dangerous than the virus itself. Others are very concerned that they will be forced to take the new vaccines against their will; which would break a fundamental legal principal established during the Nuremberg Trials, which is the requirement for voluntary, competent, informed, and understanding consent of the research subject. Forcing someone to be a test subject in a medical experiement is a war crime, given Canada's involvement in Afghanistan it is certainly possible that our government may be willing to commit this war crime as well. 

The Truth and Freedom Party of Canada stands by the principals established at Nuremberg. Voluntary, competent, informed and understanding consent is absolutely required. It is up to you to inform yourself, it is up to our public agencies to provide us with honest information and then we all make our own decisions as to what enters our bodies.


Effects of mercury on the brain. 


 The good news from CTV is that "The amount found in the blood was about one-tenth of that predicted in that the late 1990s and the length of time it stays in the blood is one-tenth of that predicted"

1) "Thimerosal is a preservative that has been added to some vaccines and other products because it is effective in killing bacteria and in preventing bacterial contamination. When thimerosal is degraded or metabolized, one product is ethyl mercury"

2) "Since new technologies are involved in the production of some pandemic vaccines, which have not yet been extensively evaluated for their safety in certain population groups, it is very important to implement post-marketing surveillance of the highest possible quality.